With the global economy rebounding, the emerging New Normal has created a constantly churning marketplace—with consumer preferences to match. To compete, financial services firms need to reposition themselves for higher performance and new growth opportunities. Among the more prudent steps you can take: Transform your IT foundation to become more adaptive to customer needs.

The Global financial market is undergoing fluctuations that force financial institutions to become proactive and use technology as a key enabler. They are fast changing their delivery channels and using a whole new arena of solutions which helps them remain competitive. Even as the demand for financial services increases, customer expectations are on raise. The demand is for high-performing, fault-tolerant, reliable and scalable systems that are easy to integrate at low risk with reduced costs.

Elajika helps financial institutions stay ahead in a constantly evolving market. Elajika has the ability to support your organization's requirements to both new and existing challenges through our expertise. Elajika offers online spectrum maintenance of legacy applications, migration to browser-based platforms and integration of applications across different layers, workflow-management applications, document-management systems, Web-channel development or CRM and business intelligence initiatives.

Serving Fincancial Sector

Elajika Financial Services offers specialized services for all segments of the financial services industry.

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Services

Solutions for Financial Services Organizations Our range of IT services, in combination with our unmatched talent management expertise, allows us to address strategic opportunities and mitigate risks in the financial services industry.

  • Compliance with regulation and government mandates With the increased transparency requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act, financial services organizations will need to increase project oversight. In addition, those that streamline enterprise architecture and enhance communication processes will gain efficiencies and improve customer service. We can conduct data analysis on your current environment, implement any new platforms or systems needed, and monitor performance on an ongoing basis to maintain compliance.
  • Real-time business intelligence for critical decision making Massive amounts of data pass through your organization every day, from daily customer transactions to customer service logs and market feeds. We can help you sift through the volume and variety of your data in order to report within your organization and use business intelligence to improve product offerings.
  • Improved customer experiences through technology The need for information is a constant in the financial services industry, and today’s customers also look for rapid response times and data in consumable formats to help drive their decisions. As IT leaders leverage mobile technology, social media streams and other interactive tools to build solutions, Elajika can support your strategy development, policy creation and technology deployment to realize those goals.
  • Superior risk management and mitigation strategies We understand the far-reaching impact a security breach can have on your customers, employees and stakeholders. We can help you assess your information security footprint, evaluate risk tolerance, maintain compliance and implement risk mitigation strategies.
  • Decreased costs and increased agility from data integration and consolidation As a result of mergers and acquisition activity, many clients must manage disparate systems and face inadequate communication across product lines. Elajika provides data integration support to include data cleansing, standardization, migration, delivery and archiving to help you meet deadlines and stakeholder expectations.

How We Make Profitability with Finance

CustomizedSolutions: Rather than force a rigid approach to service delivery, Elajika customizes our suite of services to deliver the exact outcome you are looking for, the way you want to achieve it. We take the time to understand your business goals and targets, then custom-build a solution to address the gaps you face in people, projects or functions

IT Industry Knowledge: We understand the technology trends that will affect your business and offer flexible, proven solutions to help maximize your IT initiatives.

Quality Focused Delivery: We use researched and well-tested service delivery processes and methodologies to ensure we meet your highest standards. Our governance and project management organizations oversee each engagement, whether it is fully managed, project-based or outsourced, to deliver consistent and reliable outcomes.

Scalable Delivery: With onsite and off shore concept in USA and India, Elajika can meet your company’s needs for seamless IT, whether across large properties or in geographically diverse locations. We also offer scalable delivery models, providing simple staff augmentation, managed services, project-based services and outsourced solutions depending on your particular needs.

Specialized Resources: Our staffing specialists maintain relationships with the IT workforce and speak with IT professionals every week, ensuring our ability to source, screen and deploy professionals quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Workforce Planning: With years of experience helping clients execute their IT initiatives, we understand the critical role the right people play in achieving successful outcomes. Elajika can help you build a plan that ensures your workforce has the right skills and competencies required today and in the future