The healthcare industry is in a state of flux. Traditional models for delivering care, serving policyholders and employers, and managing revenues, are increasingly ineffective. Regulatory agencies want higher levels of service and quality—and lower costs. Healthcare consumers demand the same, with generational divisions about how they want to interact with their service providers.

Delivering higher quality and better service coupled with cost containment calls for reinvention and transformation. That’s what Cognizant will help you achieve.

The Healthcare Verticalsry too has now realized the benefits of using information technology to improve their business processes and automate and simplify the tasks. This has greatly enhanced the overall patient experience. Using software solutions based on today's technologies helps this industry better serve its clients and facilitates quicker and efficient addressing of processes and issues like patient history, medical claims and hospital management.

Elajika recognizes these various business and technology drivers for the healthcare industry and helps its clients to prioritize, plan, and implement specific technology programs. As a leading global IT consulting and services company, Elajika is well equipped to meet these demands.

We Makes it Healthy.

Customized Solutions: We offer proven service delivery methodologies, but every solution is custom-built for your particular environment and business priorities. Designed to achieve your specific goals and outcomes, our services offer end-to-end capabilities or modular solutions that augment your existing teams and program plans.

Industry Knowledge: We possess nearly 6 years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals who focus solely on supporting clients within the communications industry. We leverage this in-depth insight to craft solutions based on the latest communications trends and best practices.

Quality-Focused Delivery: Throughout every engagement, we ensure sound adherence to defined project management lifecycles built on industry best practices and a continuous flow of lessons learned. Elajika project management and governance organizations manage our continuous improvement processes while providing metrics-driven oversight.

Scalable Delivery: We can address your needs spanning multiple delivery models—from staff augmentation, to managed, project-based or fully outsourced services. we can offer you a range of delivery options including on-site, off-site, near-shore and off-shore models.

Specialized Resources: Regardless of the delivery model you need, we ensure you receive the best IT professionals for the job at hand Also, ensuring that we can find the right resources or teams you need to meet your complex goals.

Workforce Planning: Great people set the best healthcare organizations apart from the competition – and we help you attract, develop and retain the best HIT professionals. Depending on your goals, we will advise on the best approach to build the skills and competencies you need in your workforce. We offer IT consultants, direct placements, training services, as well as managed, project-based and outsourced IT services.